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50 Little Things That Make You Happy


In our whole life, everyone is looking for happiness. More and more online trainers are becoming up with the training ( instruction ) that would assist you to become happier. Too many books are also constantly written about it. We are so busy that many little things make us happy pass us by. Small things that we may experience every day. Here is the list of Fifty (50) little things that make you happy that we don’t recognise enough.

50 Little Things That Make You Happy
50 Little Things That Make You Happy

50 little things that make you happy

1. Wake up in the middle of the night, look at the time and see that you can sleep even further.

2. The smell of fresh bread when you walk past the bakery in the morning.

3. Your pet that feels when you are sad and then sits down with you.

4. The feeling after you have had an urge to clean up and your house is neat again.

5. When something is canceled that you actually did not feel like.

6. Pay something at the checkout and only then find out that it is discounted.

7. Sleep under a freshly washed duvet.

8. For the ladies among us; when you come home after a long day and you can finally take off your bra.

9. When you have half a working day and you can go home in the middle of the day.

10. Scented candles.

50 little things make you happy
50 little things make you happy

11. Waking up to birdsong and you realize that it is finally spring / summer.

12. Find money in your pocket that you didn’t know you had.

13. Fall asleep with the sound of rain in the background.

14. Dine for so long that you forget the time.

15. The smell in the kitchen when you are baking something.

16. A beautiful sunset (one that everyone takes a photo of and places on Instagram ..)

17. Listening to old songs that remind you of the past.

18. Make a wild guess and then guess it correctly.

19. Finally get that nasty hair out of your eye.

20. When you are in a hurry and you catch a green wave.

21. Try to throw something in the trash from a distance and then hit.

22. Drop your phone very hard, pick it up and see that it is still intact.

23. Put on clothes that have been on the heater or have just come out of the dryer.

24. The smell that hangs outside when it has just rained.

25. Sit in the car and sing along very loudly with the radio.

26. Laugh so loud that there is no sound.

27. When you sit her in the morning right after you get out of bed.

28. Being able to breathe through your nose again after you have a cold.

29. Get a genuine compliment from someone you don’t expect.

30. When you are in a restaurant and you see the waiter coming with your food.

31. Rubbing in your eyes because you don’t have mascara on.

32. When you have arrived at your holiday destination and you see your suitcase on the baggage claim.

33. Sleep in your own bed again after a holiday.

34. Finally get that water out of your ear after you swim.

35. The feeling of just shaved legs.

36. When the train stops and the doors are right in front of you, so you can board right away. (after you let others get out first of course)

37. Be tagged in a funny meme.

38. Mc Donalds fries.

39. In the winter, look outside in the morning and see that it has snowed.

40. The breakfast buffet on vacation.

41. When it finally manages to squeeze that annoying pimple.

42. The dentist who says that your teeth look good and that nothing has to be done.

43. When your package finally arrives.

44. Find a nice Netflix series that you can binge watch.

45. When you have been craving that one snack all day and you come home and see that it is in the cupboard.

46. ‚Äč‚ÄčTake off your shoes after a long day.

47. Find something you lost long ago.

48. When you see that your salary is in.

49. Turn your pillow over so that you are on a cold side again when it is warm.

50. Make someone else laugh.

50 Little Things That Make You Happy
50 Little Things That Make You Happy

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