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8 surprising causes of pimples

Some people are blessed with beautiful smooth skin, but unfortunately that is not the case for everyone. Pimples are common in young people between the ages of 15 and 25. However, there are also many adults who sometimes suffer from pimples. To solve the problem, it is important to look at what is causing the problem. Below you will find 8 causes of pimples that you may not expect. 

8 surprising causes of pimples
8 surprising causes of pimples

1. You do not change your pillowcase enough

People often forget that this can be a cause of your breakouts, but it really is. Think about it. In your sleep you sweat a lot and that sweat partly ends up on your pillow. You may have greasy hair and lie on your pillow with it or you may go to sleep without taking off your makeup. All these bacteria and oils accumulate and then you lie back on it the next night, so that all those bacteria get back on your face. This ensures that your pores become clogged and you get pimples.

2. You don’t clean your makeup brushes

Actually, this is kind of the same story as above. You use your make-up brushes daily and the bacteria also pile up there. Also, product often lingers in the brush, which you apply to your face the next day. Because you literally apply the bacteria to your face via the brush, impurities are created. In addition, washing your brushes too little can also make your makeup less attractive. It is best to wash your brushes once a week with a mild soap.

3. You don’t sleep enough

Because you sleep too little, your hormones are upset. Hormone problems can be a cause of acne. In addition, too little sleep causes stress. And what is also a common cause of pimples? Right, stress. So make sure you sleep about 8 hours every night.

4. You are intolerant to certain foods

Food intolerance is a common cause of breakouts. Gluten and lactose in particular are often the culprits. Eating food that you cannot tolerate often causes stomach or intestinal complaints. When something goes wrong in the body, it is often visible on the skin. In particular on the cheeks and on the forehead impurities will arise if it is due to a disrupted intestinal flora.

5. You eat too much sugar

For years it has been a discussion between many specialists whether sugar causes acne. Practice often shows that there is actually a link between eating too many carbohydrates (sugars) and acne. It is mainly about the fast sugars. Examples include: white bread, sweets, biscuits, soft drinks and pastries. Sugar has a negative effect on the hormone balance, which can cause it to be disrupted, which in turn causes breakouts.

6. You drink too little

Everyone is advised to drink 2 liters of water per day. This has many health benefits, but it is also good for your skin. Because you drink enough, your skin remains supple and hydrated. Drinking too little can cause your skin to become dry. The skin layers are damaged with dry skin. These layers of skin normally keep bacteria and viruses out. When your skin is unable to do this, it builds up skin cells that irritate easily and can become inflamed.

7. You are too much on your face

People tend to sit on their faces during the day. You are busy all day with your hands and it is therefore no surprise that there are a lot of bacteria on your hands. So if you’re on your face without washing your hands, you’re actually spreading all those bacteria all over your face. So this can be one of the causes of pimples.

8. You use shampoo that clogs your pores

When you suffer from small bumps or pimples near your hairline or on your neck, it may be because of the shampoo you use. Most nourishing shampoos contain oil. When the oil comes into contact with your skin, it can cause your pores to become clogged, which in turn leads to breakouts. If you think that your shampoo is the cause of your pimples, it is wise to change shampoo once. Take a critical look at the ingredients list and look for a shampoo that does not contain oil.


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