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Eight Warning Signs That Shows Your Liver Is Full Of Toxins And Making You Fat !

Liver is the most important and largest solid organ in the body. It’s approximately weight is 3 to 4 pound in adults. Liver play a vital role in metabolic process. It produce a liquid called bile that is most important for digestive. During digestion bile helps to carry your waste and break down fat into small intestine. It also produce nutrients from food and builds proteins. Liver and kidney cleanse toxins from your blood and helps to reduce the risk of clot. It is located in the right upper area of the abdominal. Liver ability is to repair itself when it is damage. Repetitive damage may cause the failure of liver. According to medical book liver performs more than 500 function for body health. Liver convert toxins into waste and our body safely discharge it via urine or poop. It is very important to protect your liver properly care.



These are some disease of liver hepatitis, fatty liver disease, and alcoholic liver disease. Fatty liver disease means there is extra fat in liver. There are two type of fatty liver disease one is alcoholic and second is non alcoholic. Too much drinking alcohol and heavy drinks build up fat in your liver. It make hard your liver to work properly. There are several symptoms that indicates the liver need the detoxification.

Liver Area Pain :

When you feel pain below the rib and the upper right area of the abdomen it means your liver is in trouble. Some time people confuse about the pain in the shoulder or liver. Liver pain can be dull and nonspecific. It may become quite intense.  There are many liver disease which may cause the liver pain. Some of them may damage it quietly. After too much eating in the morning or drinking alcohol may cause the liver pain. You may try to avoid heavy meal and stay away from alcohol may reduce the liver pain. Liver work as digest food into nutritional enzyme and help the body filter out the waste.


Weight Gaining :

Many people start struggle to weight loss, they start healthy diet, workout but fail lose weight. It may cause of improper liver function. When our liver unable to remove all toxin from body it means our liver doesn’t work 100 percent. Regular workout won’t be helped the body to remove toxin and body stored unfiltered toxins in to fat cells the result body gain more weight. Fat circulate from the gut through the bile if our liver not function properly.

Stool Color Changes :

When liver not work properly it decrease the bile production the result stool color changed. The regular color of stool is brown but if liver not working properly stool color may pale yellow, clay colored, or gray. This may change after some days but If this situation still persistent you may consult a doctor.

Excessive Fatigue And Weakness :

Constant tiredness and weakness evident signs of liver damage. When liver is under stress fatigue is a common complaint. Our liver convert glucose to glycogen from the sugar and later it release glucose when body need nourishment and energy. If liver is damage or under stress it reduce the glucose level in blood the result is weakness and fatigue. You may consult a doctor if these symptoms are persist for long time.


If you have not any oral problem and your oral health is good but suffer from a bad breath. So you may consult a physician. When liver fail to work proper it may signs bad breath. This stage known as ” Fetor hepaticas “.

Stubborn Acne :

When liver reduce it functions it may lead to hormonal imbalance. This might outbreak the acne on face and may other skin disease.

Allergies :

Our liver produce and stores antibodies which is allergy-specific. This antibodies called histamines. When our brain sense many substances in our bloodstream it recognize them allergen. That point our brain order to release the antibodies which can cause allergy symptoms like itchy rashes, headaches and fogginess.

Yellow Eyes And Skin:

When someone skin and eyes color have to goes yellow. This is emergency condition you must requires a medical treatment. This term called “Jaundice” that is created when the red blood cells are breakdown in the liver. Often jaundice cause of hepatitis C or malaria. It may cause of drinking a lot of alcohol.

Worst Things for Liver :

  • Too much Alcohol or Caffeine.
  • Artificial Color or Ingredients.
  • Vegetable oil refined packed foods.
  • Snacks and sugar Drinks.
  • Chemical Sprayed Vegetables and Fruits.

Start to cleanse your liver you might start your day with healthy smoothie to improve your body and liver health.

A Recipe for Improve The Liver’s Health:

Ingredients :

  • One tablespoon of dandelion root.
  • Small piece of ginger.
  • Greek Yogurt One Cup.
  • One Banana.
  • Peanut Butter two table-spoon.

Preparation :

Add all ingredients in a mixer and blend it well. Drink this smoothie everyday.

Eight Warning Signs That Shows Your Liver Is Full Of Toxins And Making You Fat !
Eight Warning Signs That Shows Your Liver Is Full Of Toxins And Making You Fat !

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