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Get Rid Of Stubborn Eye Bags With Essential Oil And Aloe Vera

We are all trying to get glowing, younger and healthy skin. A healthy and happy skin is impression of healthy mind and body. Many of us trying to use hundreds of products to achieve this challenge but not to get expected result. Because many of us want get immediately effects but it is not possible. There too many products in market that glow and instant brighten your skin temporary. These products have many side effects and after some time your skin will be going unhealthy. Some genetics issue are also affect on your skin. Like puffy eyes, dark circle and under eyes bags. In this article we show you simple and most effected natural remedy for under eyes bags that feels people shaky and old.

Stubborn Eye Bags

Under Eyes Bags :

Under eyes bags or pack are most common issues that is the cause of maturing or hormonal changes. There are two other factors that mostly appears on the same time when Under eyes bags are appear.

Puffy Eyes : Puffy eyes are the cause of many impacts like lack of sleeping, allergies, swelling, overmuch use of alcohol and salt.

Dark Circle : Genetics are cause of dark circle. Under eyes skin is soft and thin you can see underlying veins easily. Dark circle often appears on lighter skin people. Darker skin people produce much pigment around eyes that is cause of dark circle under eyes.

Eye Bags

Natural Remedy to Get Rid of Stubborn Under Eyes Bags :

This super remedy can disappear stubborn under eyes bags easily.

Ingredients We Require :

  • Half ounce witch hazel concentrate
  • Ten drops chamomile essential oil
  • Aloe Vera gel 1/2 ounce
  • lavender essential oil Ten drops

Preparation :

Take all these ingredients in a jar and mix it well and when you get homogeneous gel. Then leave this gel in refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes.

Apply :

In the morning apply this gel around your eyes and leave it for 30 to 40 minutes. Now wash your face with delicate face wash and apply your standard cream. Use this remedy every morning until your under eyes bags are disappear.

Get Rid Of Stubborn Eye Bags With Essential Oil And Aloe Vera

Get Rid Of Stubborn Eye Bags With Essential Oil And Aloe Vera


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