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Make Your Hands Smooth And Soft With 3 DIY Natural Scrubs Prepare And Uses At Home


Our body largest organs is skin. So Every girl and women want a perfect and flawless skin even above the age of 50 plus. Whether you are housewife, jobs worker or student. It is most important all of us have flawless skin. Our skin is feeble or fragile when we use harmful chemical it should becomes more weak.

Celebrities say about the secret of glowing and flawless skin drink a lot of water daily. Many of them say use this cream or use a supplement. But everyone has different type of skin, every cream did not work on every type of skin.

Types of skin :

There are five type skin I mention.

  1. Normal skin
  2. Oily Skin 
  3. Combination Skin Type
  4. Dry Skin
  5. Sensitive Skin Type

Normal Skin :

It is difficult to describe the characteristic of normal skin type. When describe about normal skin it is difficult to know skin is dry or oily. Normal skin have not proper shine. Normal skin has small pores and it has a good balance of moisture. It has few lines and wrinkle and skin tone’s normal with no marks. With normal skin when your at any age your hormone level changes or you use some harmful products that are not good for your skin. Don’t use this type of product that makes your skin redundant dryness. The maintenance of normal skin type requires less care than other skin types.

Oily Skin Type :

Oily skin is the most common skin type. When you notice your skin have extra shine. If your skin continually glances shiny, so your skin type is oily. All of us have oil in our skin. Under the pores of our skin natural oil produce with sebaceous gland which we called sebum. Sebum helps your skin healthy and hydrated. If your skin breakout, it means your skins dead cell mix with sebum and it blocks your pores.

Combination Skin Type :

Combination skin type is the mixture of both skin type oily and dry. Many people notice their skin is oily and while their cheeks skin remain dry. Sometimes your glands boost the production of sebum. You may need some products for the treatment of combination skin. In combination skin type you may use a different product on a different part of your face skin. Moisturizer and cleanser is for your cheeks and anti-acne products for T-zone. If you are not confirmed about your skin type, the best way is to consult a dermatologist.

Dry Skin Type :

During winter season our skin comes rough or itchy. Because in winter season-low humidity in indoor or outdoor is the main cause of dry skin. In dry skin type we feel skin tightness, skin irritated and sometimes it becomes painful. Dry skin irritated with painful lead to a condition called eczema. Sometimes many medical treatments affect on your skin and cause you to have dry skin. There is another cause of dry skin is the use of bad products like soap and cosmetics products. If your skin is oily then your skin not need regular moisturizer. But in dry skin you must have to use moisturizer regularly.

 Sensitive Skin Type :

Sensitive skin is another condition of skin type, it is not a disease. Some people are born with sensitive skin. Sensitive skin type is a serious condition. You should control the sensitive skin symptoms with some changes of your skincare routine. You will be aware all of the weather and environmental factor which is affect on your skin like dust, stress or pets. If you want to know your skin is sensitive or not check some common symptoms regularly like skin tighten, reddish after hard touch, irritated, sunburn etc.

How To Make Your Hands Smooth And Soft :

In this article we talks how to make your hands smooth and soft. If your hands becomes highly rough and dry. Your hands losing softness and become dry over time due to many factors. Some of them is work in the kitchen like dishwashing, cracked in winter , less use of moisturizer , use of chemical fillers cosmetics products. If you want to make your skin soft and smooth like baby skin. You can try our DIY hand scrubs. These simple homemade scrubs can helps to make really soft and smooth hands naturally.

Make Your Hands Smooth

 DIY Hand Scrub 1 :

Scrub 1 preparation method.

Ingredients :

  • Some espresso beans.
  • three tablespoons of coconut oil.
  • take 3 tablespoons of chilly cream.
  • add 5 to 8 drops of vanilla concentrate.

Mix all these ingredients in a pot and take some time to this mixture for better result. Then apply this on your hands generally. Please be sure your hands are wet. After 5 to 10 minutes clean this mask. Wash your hands with water. You can apply this mask on a daily bases for one week.

 DIY Hand Scrub 2 :

DIY scrub 2 preparation and use.

Ingredients you require :

  • Take three teaspoons of vitamin E oil.
  • One teaspoon of Raw salt (ocean salt).
  • five to eight mint essential oil.
  • 3 tablespoons of coconut oil.

Take a pot and mix well all these ingredients and then apply this scrub on your wet hands. Wait for 7 to 10 minutes and wash your hands with normal water. Do this once a day.

 DIY Hand Scrub 3 :

DIY scrub 3 preparation method and use.

Required Ingredients :

  • Take 6 to 7 lemongrass essential oil drops.
  • some espresso beans.
  • Three tablespoons of lemon juice.
  • 3 tablespoons of coconut oil.

Mix well all of these required ingredients and apply on your hands. Leave this scrub on your hand for 5 to 7 minutes. Use this scrub for one week. After that, the result will surprise you.

All of these scrubs favourable for all type of skin. These scrubs disposing all of dead cell from your skin.

Make Your Hands Smooth And Soft With 3 DIY Natural Scrubs
Make Your Hands Smooth And Soft With 3 DIY Natural Scrubs Prepare And Uses At Home



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