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One Week Cucumber Diet Menu That Helps to Lose 15 Pounds

Cucumber is one of the most popular vegetable with crisp crunch and mild, fresh flavor. It is rich in nutrient and low in calories. It is a essential food in any healthy diet. Because it has a lot of health benefits which non of us can ignore. Cucumber is a high water content vegetable. According to NCBI cucumbers contains on 96% of water. It helps to promote the hydration in your body. So It play a important role in any healthy diet. Cucumber also contains antioxidants. Which helps to reduce the risk of many chronic disease. Regular eating cucumber may help to remove the all toxins from body.

In this article we talk about 1 week cucumber base diet plan that helps to lose 10 to 15 pound.

1 Week Diet Menu With Cucumber :

Breakfast :

One plate of cucumber salad and 2 boiled egg.

Morning Bites :

One apple or one peach (fruit weight not more than 200 gm).

Lunch :

One cucumber salad bowl and one toasted bread.

Evening Bites :

One glass of cucumber Shake.

Dinner :

300 gm your favorite Fruit.

Cucumber Salad Recipe :

Preparation of cucumber salad is very simple.

Cucumber Salad

Ingredients :

  • 400 to 500 gm cucumber.
  • One pinch of Salt.
  • 150 to 200 ml Yogurt.
  • Half Onion.
  • One garlic clove ( Optional ).

Preparation Method :

Peel all cucumber and cut into slice. Add one pinch of salt in yogurt and mix it well. If you want garlic then slice them in tinny pieces. Now add garlic in yogurt and add cucumber slice in yogurt mixture. Your healthy cucumber salad is ready for serve.

Cucumber Shake Recipe :

Ingredients :

  • One and half Cucumber.
  • Some Spinach.
  • One small ginger Piece.
  • One normal size Apple.
  • 5 to 6 Almond.

Method :

First wash all ingredients and put in a blender. Shake it well and add some ice. Now your healthy diet cucumber shake is ready for serve.

cucumber shake

Some Health Benefits of Cucumber :

  1. High in Nutrients.
  2. Significantly low in calories.
  3. It Contains Antioxidants.
  4. It Promotes Hydration.
  5. Stimulates metabolism.
  6. It Helps to control Blood Sugar.
  7. Helps to lose weight.
  8. Work as Intestines and digestive cleanser.
  9. Easy to use in any diet.
  10. High water content vegetable.
One Week Cucumber Diet Menu That Helps to Lose 15 Pounds
One Week Cucumber Diet Menu That Helps to Lose 15 Pounds

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